Listed below are some of the exciting events that took place at the Memorial art gallery in 2015. If you’d like to see more click here/ for our list of upcoming events.

The Chronocuts series

The Chronocuts series began as a happy accident – in 2007 whilst testing a new web page I noticed that the movie clips loaded one after the other, in sequential order, with a one frame gap between each. By using the same footage for each clip, an echoing repetitious moving image was created. Put 24 clips side-by-side and one could in effect watch one second’s worth of footage simultaneously, thereby upsetting the singularity of the cinematic moment.

Using web browsers proved unreliable but with some jiggery-pokery it was possible to create Chronocut movies with the same time sliced effect. The source footage for the Chronocuts is taken from familiar films ranging from Lindsay Anderson’s If to Hitchcock’s Psycho. Our memory of the scenes and how they unfold makes the temporal and spatial transformation in the Chronocuts all the more acute for rather than glimpse a movement once we see it repeated both visually and aurally, revealing new relationships and dynamics in the footage.


A founding member of the post-punk electronic outfit Storm Bugs and CEO of the DIY cassette label Snatch Tapes, Philip Sanderson has since the late 1970s produced work in a range of media including video, installation and sound. These offerings have been exhibited, screened and played nationally and internationally.

Obsession Prophecy & Caprice

An exhibition of drawings, print and artist’s books by artist and illustrator Felix Zakar at The Hastings Memorial Gallery, Hastings    3rd – 18th December  2015.

Works will include:


Prints and drawings from an ongoing studio project ( Walking To Babylon ) which explore  cross cultural and esoteric motifs that permeate many traditions; JudeoChristian, PersioIslamic, Bhuddist and Hermetic against the background of the visions and experiences of the biblical prophet as he seeks to formulate a coherent cosmology for a post tribal society.

Artist’s Books:

Bookworks produced by the artist which deal with themes from mythology, gothic literature & expressionist cinema, playing cards & folklore as well as imagery generated by surrealist or mediumistic techniques.

Mike Hatchard

Mike Hatchard

exhibited a collection of recent paintings cartoons and films
the private view went into swing with the talents of Herby Flowers playing bass and Mike himself on the resident gallery piano
Began as the pianist for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, and studied piano under Peter Wallfisch and composition
with Philip Cannon at the Royal College of Music (winning the composer’s prize).
Toured America as Cleo Laine’s accompanist as a member of the John Dankworth Quintet and became Matt Monro’s
youngest ever musical director
He invented a character ‘Marvin Hanglider’, and for many years performed at the Edinburgh Festival, described in the
Scotsman as a ‘fringe staple.’
Cabaret on many of the world’s top cruise liners and tours of India and Europe.
Composed literally thousands of songs over the years,
Appearing on BBC Local Radio making up songs on the spot for people who phone in, he is delighted to at last have
some of his work published by Kevin Mayhew.
Drew cartoons for Carlton TV’s ‘After the News’ and made his own chat show for CTV. He toured as musical director
for comedienne Pamela Stephenson,
Co-wrote songs with Frankie Howard and Spike Milligan.
Closely associated with Herbie Flowers (of Sky fame) which included all sorts of work in prisons, in schools and at the
Mike has also performed his one man show twice at the Purcell Rooms) and in disabled centres.
He has also worked with David Essex, the Pasadena Roof Orchestra,
Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia,
The Syd Lawrence Orchestra,
Julia Migenes Johnson,
Liane Carroll,
Alan Barnes,
George Martin and Tina May.
Recently his career went full circle when he was asked to compare Cleo Laine’s eighty-fifth birthday concert at
Wavendon, and also appeared alongside Cleo in the celebrated Christmas Shows to packed audiences. As well as
being in demand as a jazz musician and raconteur,
Mike plays a good deal of classical music. He regularly does educational and community projects for the Bournemouth
Symphony Orchestra and is resident pianist with the Chamber Ensemble of London. He has taught at Trinity College
Summer School and Dartington International Summer School as well as at Worth Abbey.
Mike recently went back to something he did a lot of in his youth – painting – and has had a few exhibitions mainly on
the South Coast.