This is all about the events at the memorial art Gallery throughout the year. The Memorial Art Gallery is curated by Artist Bea Lacey and has been established for the past five years. Contemporary art and new art is welcome and encouraged and supported.

More information will be added to this page as it comes in I look forward to hearing from anybody that is interested in using this unique space.

Beatrice Lacey resident artist

Beatrice Lacey also the curator of the gallery has the studio above it has been said the studio has the best north light in Hastings.

Meditation every Tuesday 7pm

Every Tuesday from 7 – 9  meditation with Sonam
These meditations exist for your benefit. They describe in words what we do during the classes. If you haven’t meditated before you can have a go at them. If you have been to a class they will help you after at home to keep your practice going.

Romily Hudson - February

As an artist my practice focuses on figurative and semi-figurative landscape painting and, while I am essentially a figurative painter, abstraction and an abstract language are a strong part of my ethos as an artist. My work explores notions of possibility and potential, and considers how such notions can be symbolically reflected in the external environment. Recurring themes within my work include water in its natural state, light in both its natural or artificial form and architecture. My work aims to convey atmosphere and dramatic tension: by drawing on my own experiences, which becomes integrated within some of my work, the paintings become more personal, but with ambiguity in its meaning; in other pieces, the meaning reflects more the trace of political struggle that can be seen in the landscape.

Carola Colley - March

Threads Across Waters.

“The task of real, effective presentation is just this: to liberate knowledge from  the bounds of compartmentalised discipline and make it practical.”
– Walter Benjamin

Luciana Haill

Luciana Haill

Entopticals at The Memorial Gallery – Introducing a Deep Mind Trance Light Machine