Curator Beatrice Lacey has invited some of the most exciting and innovative shows over the years of re-establishing the memorial art gallery as an important and historic hub of artistic Hastings.

As from 10th May 2017 the larger lower gallery has been re commissioned to being offices but there is a smaller upper gallery which is presently undergoing reconstruction and will be showing the works of resident artist Beatrice Lacey and is open for viewing by appointment 07775 734874

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Hermione Allsop - Sculptor

The space between things can be seen as a place of uncertainty or indecision, or a space of transition. The charity shop object for me occupies this place; it awaits reuse or death as refuse or trash.

Martin Everett - Photographer

Martin’s photographic practice is concerned with the investigation of memory.Martin’s photographic practice is concerned with the investigation of memory.

Marcelo Jose de Melo - Artist

Marcelo José de Melo is a Brazilian artist. He was born in Apucarana, Paraná, and lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.. Marcelo de Melo has been living in Europe since 1996.

Beatrice Lacey - Resident Artist

Beatrice Lacey curator and manager for the Memorial aArt Gallery and artist.

Laetitia Yhap - Artist

Born in London of mixed Viennese and Chinese parentage, Laetitia Yhap studied between 1958 and 1965 at Camberwell School of Arts and the Slade School of Fine Art.

Philip Sanderson - Artist

Videos, installation, electronic music etc.

Carola Colley - Artist

The impetus for my work comes from examining the tension between that which is experienced directly and that which is experienced through memory, myth or tradition.

Felix Zakar - Artist

Prints and drawings from an ongoing studio project ( Walking To Babylon ) which explore  cross cultural and esoteric motifs that permeate many traditions; JudeoChristian, PersioIslamic, Bhuddist and Hermetic against the background of the visions and experiences of the biblical prophet as he seeks to formulate a coherent cosmology for a post tribal society.