Placed in the unique town centre of Hastings, the Memorial Art Gallery was originally home to victorian photographer William James Bradshaw This privately run attractive second (2nd) floor gallery was brought about by artist Beatrice Lacey,and shows contemporary work by established and emerging artists

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Meditation - every Tuesday 7pm - 9pm

Meditation with Sonam. These meditations exist for your benefit. They describe in words what we do during the classes.

Emily Johns:  - 16-29 May


Drawn to Witness

I have been drawing the changes in Hollington Valley nature reserve over the last year, from the end of one winter to the end of the next, as a struggle takes place between Seachange Sussex, Hastings Council and environmental campaigners about the building of another road. Not your idyllic Spring Watch in a Sussex bluebell wood but an observation of the processes that drive out protected species to prepare the land for tarmac. The drawing is a record of place, an act of witness of a heavy footprint, a capturing of spirit; it bears an imprint of conversations with local walkers, security guards, and residents of Emmaus.

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